Comforting a Beloved Friend

Zoey, Full of the Intensity and Joy of Life

We make plans and then . . . LIFE HAPPENS.  This morning B and I were about 15 minutes away from leaving to go see the Holocaust Museum in our area.  As I was fixing a quick breakfast, right behind me, my beloved dog Zoey collapsed on the floor, trying to get up but unable to due to excrutiating pain.  Apparently, she has disc problems in her back and at least for the moment seems to be incapacitated by the pain. 

It’s so heartbreaking to see one you love so dearly crying out in pain.  Since she has recovered from some tough illnesses before and is in otherwise good health, our vet recommends that we give her some time to see if she recovers from this.  We know that Zoey is in the last chapter of her life on earth with us, but we have no idea how many more pages are left in the chapter or how and when it will end. 

Comforting a Beloved Friend

Zoey, struggling to drag herself into a more comfortable position that doesn’t exist at the moment, could only cry out in pain and in fear.  All we could do, aside from giving her pain meds from the vet, is to be here and comfort our dear old friend.  As we lay on the floor besides her for the entire day, I notice that when I am able to clear a space inside myself for peace to settle into my heart, Zoey becomes more relaxed and is even able to sleep.  It seems to take a very present, focused attention to peace for her to relax.  When I tried picking up a book to read, she becomes more restless. 

Never underestimate the power of your presence when sitting with a dear friend in a time of need.

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1 Response to Comforting a Beloved Friend

  1. Bobbie says:

    I am going through the same experience now with my beautiful friend, Raini. We have been together 14 years. Time flies much too quickly, this saddens me. She is losing weight, is bleeding from 1 side of her nose, has a large bump on her forehead, and her sight is very bad. Raini has been a constant companion with me through thick and thin. I still refer to her as my puppy. Time spent with her comforts us both, nothing else matters when we are together. Everyone needs to be aware that caring for others from your heart is where peace begins.

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