Softening the TaskMaster

Peace Offering

I am a recovering overachiever, with a driven TaskMaster . . . sometimes more recovered than others. 

This weekend I began my second quarter of a 2 year professional training program that meets monthly.  Lots of reading every month, but I savor the hours spent sitting with a cup of tea soaking in the knowledge and wisdom awaiting discovery in the books and articles being added to my library each month.

As a recovering overachiever, I managed to walk into my class unprepared, having read only about half the assignments.  After all that’s happened this week, showing up is the best I can do right now.  I actually felt ok about showing up, getting whatever I get from the lectures, knowing I don’t have 100% to give to it right now.

Softening my internal TaskMaster . . . . . . . . Inner Peace.

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