Beyond the Light into the Shadow

Making Peace with My Shadow

Ever try to ditch your shadow???  We all have those places inside ourselves where we don’t want to go, those things we don’t want to see in ourselves.  They tend to be those things that really bug us about others. 

Inner work . . . Shadow work . . . Painful, difficult, emotionally exhausting. . . . Critical for world peace.  Not only do we each have a personal shadow, we also have a cultural shadow. 

After spending the day learning about the shadow and searching for a piece of my shadow, my shadow came out to play on the train going home.  Not as quick as I’d like, eventually the light bulb went on.  I took a peek at my shadow, acknowledging to my friend how, in that moment, my complaining was not enhancing the peace in this corner of the world.  Yet, stuffing it all in, hiding it in the darkness, only serves to shove it back into the shadows, where it can sneak out and be unruly and disruptive, when I am clueless and unaware.

Making friends with my shadow, to enlighten my choices and enliven my dance through this life . . . Important peace work being done in the dark shadows.

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