What Drives Your Decisions?


Decisions, Decisions . . . . Which Way to Go?

What drives your decisions?  Have you even thought about it?  

Do you make your decisions based upon what is expected of you?  What happens if someone is not happy with your decision?  What about if one person or another is disappointed no matter which way you decide?  How about fear?  Does fear drive some of your decisions, either to avoid the feared situation, confront the feared situation, or to prove something to yourself or someone else?

Yes? No? How Do I Decide?

Recently, I had to make a decision in which I was pulled in many directions by a number of considerations.  Fear was a big driver for me.  How do I clear away my fear to make a sound decision?  Not wanting to disappoint or hurt people I deeply love and care about.  I can’t make everyone happy.  Deep soul searching, seeking the “right” answer.  There is no “right” answer and there is no “wrong” answer.  It’s a choice, yes or no.  I imagine yes and can feel the rightness of it, so I make a solid decision, I choose yes! . . . . Tightness grips me with complications.  I imagine no and can feel the rightness of it, so I make a solid decision, I choose no! . . . . Darkness of lost opportunity and disappointment swells inside me.  I ride the teeter totter up and down, yes and no, over and over and over again.

Soul Searching

How to clear away my internal junk to gain clarity?  What does life become if decisions and choices are based on making others happy?  It’s so easy to obliterate our Self in the service of making others happy, in the service of trying to be perfect, which of course, we can’t. 

Prayers in the shower seems to lead me to my moments of clarity.  Simple, heartfelt, prayer, then quiet openness.  The answer whispered its way into my being.  Peace, unshifting, solid feeling of peaceful rightness shining clarity in my heart.  With integrity, communicating the answer that brings disappointment . . . to myself and to others . . .  KNOWing the rightness of my answer . . . . to live in peaceful authenticity.

Peaceful Clarity


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1 Response to What Drives Your Decisions?

  1. henny says:

    “BE TRUE TO YOURSELF”…a mantra I’ve been trying to practice for some time now, though not always successfully. I loved your post for today as it reminded me how I too can get so caught up in other people’s dramas and want to try to please others when faced with a difficult decision. Ultimately, it comes down to being true to myself–my needs, my wants, and could I live with that YES or that NO? Exercise, meditation, a hot bath, prayer…all these provide me with that quiet contemplation time my mind longs for when faced with difficult decisions.

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