Cluttered with Busyness

Life flies by at warp speed these days.  In a blink of an eye, the day is done, the weekend has come and gone again, another month, season, and year lingers as only a memory can before it fades away into “Which year was that? . . . It seems like only a moment ago.”

It’s so easy to set aside all that gives life meaning, purpose, and significance for all those “essential” tasks that fill up my todo list and clutters my life until there’s no time or space left for matters of the heart that nurture my soul.

While peace has remained within my consciousness, the laundry, email, work, paperwork, grocery shopping, cleaning, throwing the ball for my dear, sweet, obsessed dog, returning phone calls, and the kazillion other things that I never quit get done, fill up my life leaving me with an unsettling sense of inadequacy at the end of the day.

Clearing the clutter of busyness for moments to reflect, write, paint, be present with my beloved as we snuggle up together for a few extra minutes in the morning . . . . Moments of peace that fill my heart, leaving lasting footprints along the journey of my soul.  Ahhhh!

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