Seeing the Obvious . . . There Is No Path!

nature_aha_momentHave you ever felt that huge shift inside yourself?  You know, that one people are calling the “Ah-ha Moment” where you understand something new, in a new way.  I had one of those moments just the other day.  It was huge!  LIFE CHANGING!  Perhaps?  Maybe?  Hopefully!  Well, we’ll see . . . .  It was interesting though.  When I went to tell a friend about my life changing insight that seemed so huge, what I said was nothing greater than . . . the obvious.  Who knows, maybe when we pay attention to the obvious, life changes.

So, in homage to my potentially life changing obvious experience, here’s a raw, unedited blurb from my journal . . .

“I just had the following insight, a deep experiential knowing, what some would call an  ‘Ah-ha moment’ . . .  Life – the meaning, purpose, point of life, experience of life, way of doing and being in life – is different for every person.  There is no butterflies escaping clockone way we’re suppose to do it, no one guiding principle.

Our task is to find – No, create our own authentic life, our authentic path, purpose, and way of being in the world.  This may seem to be so obvious, but it is hitting me in a new way, a very deep way.

I think we spend so much energy and experience so much struggle and grief as we try to be who/what we’re ‘suppose’ to be and/or we try to influence/control/force others to be the way we think they should be. I think we would have so much more inner and outer peace if we accepted and allowed ourselves to be unique and authentic, not having any expectations of self and others; just allow it all to unfold as it needs to for each person.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after my ah-ha moment, I encountered the poet David Whyte quoting lines from a poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado (1875-1939):

mountainsPathmaker, there is no path.

You make the path by walking. no path in water

By walking, you make the path.

Emerson leave a trail

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