Meditation Journey

sand dune path
For over a decade, I have had an approach/avoidance relationship with meditation.  At first I tried to read a book and listen to a tape on how to meditate.meditation instruction cartoon  Suddenly, it occurred to me . . . instead of following someone else’s directions and process, just be my spirit.  One of the first times I sat in meditation, just being my spirit,purple smoke I had the most amazing experience that words cannot begin to describe.  After that, I chased the experience . . . except I could never catch it.

Be my spirit. . . . Be my spirit . . . Be my spirit.  For a long while, that meant only one thing to me . . . make that AMAZING experience happen again.  Except I couldn’t make it happen again.  No matter what I tried, it wasn’t going to happen.meditation cartoon

gargoyleLet it go.  Just breathe.  Follow the breath . . . Inhale . . . Exhale . . . Inhale . . . Exhale . . . In . . . Out . . . In . . . Out . . . Nothing happened.  Time passed.  I breathed.  Nothing got done, internally, in my spirit or psyche, or externally on my to-do list.  What a waste of time!

Needing inner peace, solitude, inner connection, I kept getting the urge to meditate again.  So I sit and breathe . . . In . . . Out . . . In . . . Out . . . tick, tick, tick . . . time passes . . . time flies with girlnothing happens.

Mountain Reflections

Suddenly, a flash of insight changes everything.  I AM SITTING WITH GOD!!!  What else needs to happen?  That’s all that matters.

Being still in the presence of God.

ocean and sun

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