Labyrinth Contemplation

Entering the Labryinth

Drawn to the labyrinth today, I walked it 3 times.  Fond memories of Zoey step by step into the labyrinth; love and peace to Zoey step by step out of the labyrinth. . . . . . . Peace in to myself on the inhalation of cold air into my body; breathing out peace to the world, to the Universe. . . . . . . . . Peace to those touched by the ripples of violence of recent events, not only to those nearby in our own country, but equally to those throughout the world. 

Step by Step


Step by step . . . . . . . . Step by step . . . . . . . . Step by step . . . . . . . . Contemplating Peace . . . . . . .

Not just one path, only one “RIGHT”, making all others “WRONG”. . . . . . . only sets us up to FIGHT for “RIGHT”, our view of “RIGHT”. . . . . . . . Leads to hardness, anger, intolerance, violence (even if only in our hearts).  Noticing my own “rightness” and how it puts me in opposition, angry, hard opposition, to others with another perspective.  Why not “AND, BOTH”, instead of “EITHER, OR”? 

Believe in Tolerance

Tolerance . . . . . . Openness . . . . . . . Softening . . . . . . Peace . . . . . inner AND outer PEACE.  Why is a different point of view, a different way, threatening? 

Where do your thoughts meander through the labyrinth of your mind?

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Beyond the Light into the Shadow

Making Peace with My Shadow

Ever try to ditch your shadow???  We all have those places inside ourselves where we don’t want to go, those things we don’t want to see in ourselves.  They tend to be those things that really bug us about others. 

Inner work . . . Shadow work . . . Painful, difficult, emotionally exhausting. . . . Critical for world peace.  Not only do we each have a personal shadow, we also have a cultural shadow. 

After spending the day learning about the shadow and searching for a piece of my shadow, my shadow came out to play on the train going home.  Not as quick as I’d like, eventually the light bulb went on.  I took a peek at my shadow, acknowledging to my friend how, in that moment, my complaining was not enhancing the peace in this corner of the world.  Yet, stuffing it all in, hiding it in the darkness, only serves to shove it back into the shadows, where it can sneak out and be unruly and disruptive, when I am clueless and unaware.

Making friends with my shadow, to enlighten my choices and enliven my dance through this life . . . Important peace work being done in the dark shadows.

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Softening the TaskMaster

Peace Offering

I am a recovering overachiever, with a driven TaskMaster . . . sometimes more recovered than others. 

This weekend I began my second quarter of a 2 year professional training program that meets monthly.  Lots of reading every month, but I savor the hours spent sitting with a cup of tea soaking in the knowledge and wisdom awaiting discovery in the books and articles being added to my library each month.

As a recovering overachiever, I managed to walk into my class unprepared, having read only about half the assignments.  After all that’s happened this week, showing up is the best I can do right now.  I actually felt ok about showing up, getting whatever I get from the lectures, knowing I don’t have 100% to give to it right now.

Softening my internal TaskMaster . . . . . . . . Inner Peace.

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Breathe Peace

Breathing Peace

Woke up extra early this morning . . . . Can’t go back to sleep.  Meditated . . . . Breathe Peace in to me . . . . Breathe Peace out to the world . . . . Peace in to me . . . . Peace out to the world . . . . Peace in to me . . . . Peace out to the world . . . . Peace in to me . . . . Peace out to the world . . . . Peace in to me . . . . Peace out across time and space to the Universe . . . . . . . . .

Peace to the Universe

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Until about an hour ago, I didn’t realize how much I tend to stay inside the lines as I color my life.  Walking my dog Katy a bit ago, I expected that we would tread one of our old familiar paths through our neighborhood.  Katy, on the other hand, decided to shake things up a bit, maybe because life has already been completely upended for us lately. 

Playful Katy

Right out of the gate she scribbled our path towards the north, instead of following our beaten path to the south.  No problem, I can Zenly trace our path in reverse.  As we squiggle our way 2/3 of the way around the block, Katy abruptly scribbles a new path to places we’ve already been. . . . . “No way”, I recoil inside.  “We can’t go back!  We’re too far along our journey to change course now.”  Everything inside me said, “We have to stay in the lines, as we color our way along our path.” . . .  “Says who?”, whispered a wise, adventurous voice inside me.  “Who says you have to stay within the lines?”  Life is more beautiful, fulfilling, and meaningful, if we allow the colors to spontaneously flow and meander where they will, without containing them with artificial boundaries.  Sadly to say, I had to initially work at being at peace in following Katy outside the lines.  The Katy nose knows, intuitively, or so it seems, like I needed this Zen lesson reinforced through practice, as she surprised me with another mid-stream turn a quarter way round another block.  This time, I gladly followed my joyously bouncing Katy as we scribbled and scrambled along a new path.

At Peace

Embracing the unexpected, coloring outside the lines, being open to new possibilities . . . an opening to peace.

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Good-bye Dear Friend, Go in Peace

Zoey Waving


You will always be in our hearts!  We love you forever.

Zoey, the Snow Angel

Go in Peace.
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How Far Do We Ripple?

I believe that we never know the impact we have on others; how our small, seemingly insignificant acts ripple out to touch the shores of others’ souls, far beyond where we dropped our pebble into the pond.

How far do we ripple?


Today, I’m exhausted from sleep deprivation and emotionally depleted.  What do I have to contribute to world peace today?  A 5-minute peace meditation, sending peace from my heart to those who drift through my mind.  I offer what I have to give in this moment, not knowing if my ripples reach distant shores.

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