About . . . World Peace and an Avocado Sandwich


 It all started with . . .

What do you do when you want to give the most beloved person in your life what he wants most . . . but all he says whenever you ask what he wants is, “World peace and an Avocado Sandwich”???  Well, a few years ago, several actually (it’s scary how time flies by so quickly), I made my best creative effort to give him what he had been asking for since before the beginning of our time together.  I wrote the following letter and distributed it as far and wide as I could (pre-Facebook and Twitter); I emailed it to everyone I knew; I emailed it to every Peace organization I could find on the internet; I emailed it to Oprah; I emailed it to ambassadors and the United Nation; I printed copies of the letter and handed it out to strangers on the street.  My husband was touched by all the responses he received from around the world.  People near and far, around the globe (Nepal, Germany, Canada, Indonesia to name a few), took action towards peace and told us of their efforts.  The responses ranged from a former co-worker resolving a long-standing conflict with one of his co-workers to a peace organization inviting my husband to their World Peace conference in Malaysia to a girl scout troop telling us of their peace projects.     

Well, there’s still much work to do toward’s world peace.  It takes each and every one of us on the planet to do our part minute by minute, as best we can.  Please join us on the btpeaceproject, and share with us the big and small things you do to make a difference in your piece of the world.  — With Gratitude and Blessings to all! — T & B

World Peace for B’s Birthday – May 3, 2005

To all humanity on earth,

Peace for B's Birthday - 2005

Whenever my beloved husband is asked what he wants for his birthday, he replies “World Peace and an avocado sandwich”.  This year, I decided to give him exactly what he asked for.  I can take care of the avocado sandwich, but I need everyone’s help, so  I graciously and respectfully ask you to contribute towards increasing the peace in our world on May 3rd.

 On May 3rd, please do something to contribute to the peace in your portion of the world.  Then, to let him know what was done to contribute to world peace, please send an email to peaceforbbirthday@hotmail.comwith a description of what activity you did.  Please include the location (city, state, province, country) where you were when you made your contribution to world peace.

 As citizens of this planet, we each have the power and the responsibility to contribute to peace on earth.  Peace can only be achieved through the efforts of individuals.  It is not necessary to spend money or even a lot of time to contribute to world peace.  Here are some simple ideas to get you started: 

Take a moment to smile at someone you may not have otherwise acknowledged.

Forgive someone

Forgive yourself

Pray for peace

Meditate for peace

Make a new friend

Reconnect with an old friend

Cultivate inner peace

Read to someone in a retirement home – This is something B has personally done.

Visit the following websites for more ideas:






There are many more websites for peace.  Type “World Peace” into your favorite Internet browser.

Please tell everyone you know about this as soon as possible, so we can all spread this effort for peace all around the world.

Thank you not only for helping me give my beloved husband his birthday wish, but thank you for also contributing to the peace on this planet.

Blessings to you!


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